Between Two Loves

Between Two Loves

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Between Two Loves: Devotions for Women Whose Husbands Don't Share Their Faith

Hardcover – Jul 1 2003 by Nancy Kennedy (Author)

Hope and encouragement for women in spiritually unequal marriagesToday’s churches are filled with “Sunday widows” or “spiritual singles.” Marriage is challenging enough, but when a woman becomes a Christian before her husband does, when a once-committed Christian man walks away from his faith, or when a believing woman marries an unbeliever, the loneliness can be unbearable. A woman in any of these positions often feels frustrated, guilty, and anxious. She is torn between two loves: her love for God and her love for her husband.

Between Two Loves offers these women a lifeline and source of immediate help and hope during times of discouragement and confusion. It is designed to be a part of a woman’s personal devotion time and addresses the common concerns she faces every day. With a light-hearted, upbeat style and with empathy for the spiritual single, author Nancy Kennedy brings the perspective of one who is still praying for her husband’s spiritual condition, but who hasn’t let that hamper her from serving the Lord and her family with a joy-filled and faith-filled heart.

About the Author

Nancy Kennedy is an editor, feature writer, and columnist for The Citrus County Chronicle.Her features have won several first place Excellence in Religious Writing awards from the Florida Press Club.Her books include When Perfect Isn’t Enough, Mom on the Run, Honey, They’re Playing Our Song, Prayers God Always Answers, Move Over Victoria, I Know the Real Secret, and When He Doesn’t Believe.Nancy and her husband live in Florida.