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Weaving a Life of Prayer: A 30-Day Journey

Weaving a Life of Prayer: A 30-Day Journey

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Weaving a Life of Prayer: A 30-Day Journey

Paperback – July 1, 1998 by Marsha Crockett (Author)

Prayer hold our lives together. But daily responsibilities often keep prayer far from our minds and hearts. We yearn to experience a greater closeness to God at home, at work, throughout our days and nights. The women of the Bible have much to offer in our search to know God better. In each of the ten brief chapters of this book, you'll meet a biblical woman and then read three reflections on how this woman's story can shed light on our own lives. If you read a section a day and work through the personal applications and prayer suggestions, you'll find yourself in the midst of a thirty-day adventure that will transform your relationship with God.


Marsha Crockett writes of spiritual pilgrimage through the inner life where God uses ordinary experience to form heart, mind and soul.
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